– Atmosphere interviewed Emi Fukuyama who is participating in a group exhibition featuring 5 female photographs in Japan, ‘POV FEMALE Tokyo‘ held at CALM & PUNK GALLERY.
– アトモスフィアでは今回、CALM & PUNK GALLERYにて開催されている、女性フォトグラファー5名によるグループ展’POV FEMALE Tokyo‘に参加している福山えみさんにインタヴューを行いました。

1 / 福山えみとは?自己紹介をお願い致します。
1 / Emi Fukuyama, please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Emi Fukuyama. I take photography and present them.

「しずまないうちに/Before Sunset Comes」

2 / いつから写真撮影を始めましたか? また、そのキッカケは?
2 / When did you start photography? What made you start?
I started taking photos like I do now, 8 years ago when I began to attend a photography school.

「しずまないうちに/Before Sunset Comes」

3 / 今までの活動で最も印象に残っている被写体や写真に収めた出来事、風景を三つ教えてください。


3 / What were the 3 most impressionistic person or an incident or a scenery that you have ever photographed?
The first 3 things that come to mind.
1) The moment when I pressed down the shutter to take a picture of the futons being dried in the hallway outside of my apartment, a man walked out of his apartment door and got in the shot.

2)The fact that, after taking photos of the local men at a summer festival in my father’s home town, how although I did not get anybody’s name, through the network of my aunts and uncles and friends, we were able to figure out everybody’s name and hand each one a copy of the prints.

3)The time when I was walking and photographing a town in Europe and found a scenery that looked exactly like a residential place I know in Machida (a town in Japan outside of Tokyo) and feeling very strange while I photographed.

4 / 自身のフォトグラファーとしての活動の中で最も気持ちがいい瞬間を教えてください。
4 / What is the best feeling you get as a photographer.
The moment when I cut the shutter, when I find an incredible moment while I walk around to shoot.

「月がついてくる/The Moon, Following Me」

5 / 被写体や、その環境は日常の中から見つけ出しますか? もしくは特別に作り出す物でしょうか?
5 / Do you find your subjects for your photography in everyday life, or do you create something for it?
Since I always photograph while walking in a town I have never visited before, the subject is not a part of my everyday life, but I photograph with the wish to see a glimpse of the everyday life of the place I am photographing.

「月がついてくる/The Moon, Following Me」

6 / あなたにとって、写真とは?
6 / What is photograph to you?
What connects me to the world (both the outer world and the inner world) .

7 / 写真家としての醍醐味は?
7 / What is the best thing about being a photographer?
Getting various responses about my photos.

「A Trip to Europe」

8 / この1週間で一番笑った瞬間は?
8 / What was the funniest moment for you this week?
When my old school mates and I talked about our memories for 4 hours.

「A Trip to Europe」

9 / 今回の’POV FEMALE Tokyo‘では、フランス人のアートディレクターがキュレーションし、グループ展が行われ、写真集も出版されましたが、この企画はあなたにとって、どのような挑戦となりましたか?
9 / The POV Female project is curated by an French art director to create a photography book and hold a n exhibition. Were there any challenges that you faced?
It was a challenge to create a book with somebody that I had not met yet. It was a little difficult because of the language barrier, but there was a mutual understanding between us regarding the photography so I thought it went very smoothly.

10 / 今後、写真家としてどのような挑戦をされたいですか?
10 / What sort of challenges would you like to take on in the future as a photographer?
I want to expand my field so that I can present my work to more people and make new discoveries.

11 / あなたのワークスペースを見せて下さい!!
11 / Please show your workspace!!

INTERVIEW : Simona Costanzo

Atmosphere would like to introduce Simona Costanzo who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. “yum yum art!” is collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたSimona Costanzoさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています。

1 Please introduce yourself to us.

My name is Simona Costanzo, I graduated from the Art Institute in Mantua, and then I went to Castello graphic art school in Milan founded by Bruno Munari. For several years I worked as a graphic designer for various theaters and theater companies in Italy. Then in 2001 I started my project esserini.
I have a 14-year-old son who is very adolescent and a 5-month orange tabby cat.
Now I live in Parma.

N103 esserini to feel

2 Please tell us about your hand sawn doll Esserini.

It was a clear choice of making esserini by hand not at a factory. Italian craftsmanship is beginning to disappear and many tailor’s shops were closed. Recently everything is produced in factories or in China or in Romania. Unfortunately people don’t recognize that we are losing the soul of our nation. Also I think esserini should bring serenity somehow to the people who purchase them. I’m sure that an object reflects a heart whose makes it. Therefore I believe that esserini made by tailor have very positive energy, which is much more positive than things made in factories where maybe people are suffering and exploited.


3 When / Why did you start to make Esserini?

I began esserini while I’ve studied yet in the 90s. I gave them to my friends or to people who have asked me. At first it was just a search for myself. I wanted to learn a mode of drawing. I wanted to be able to draw like children, instinctively without thinking, for having a strong sign.
Then the puppets were born exactly same as I had drawn. They were enough strong but I wanted to make them even more vivid so I put a stone inside which gave more energy to esserini.

New underwear

4 Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making your artwork.

The three most important things about my job, I’m sure these:
-Remove the mind and logic, and let instinct prevail.
-And then work on technique for realization.
-Continue to seek, always.

N42 esserini to change your ordinary life

5 What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?

I get inspiration everywhere, in my life, what I see, what I read, from the people whom I meet, from my cat, from my son, from everything.

6 Do you have any plans you would like to do in next decade?

My next project will be to create ‘healing’ art because I think art has a great possibility of curing those who suffer.
So I decided that I would make objects only to order for people who need a help for making their own way. People are often suffering because they are stuck and they are living in a way that is not good for them, in a way that doesn’t fit them anymore.
Art can help to release people and to make them move forward. Art objects, which might be drawings, esserini or another, will be made exactly based on requests. Also I will create objects’ story.


7 What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

I don’t remember.

8 Please tell us if you have got favorite places to go in your vacation.

I’ve been in Tuscany. It was a wonderful land.

9 If you are not artists, what will you do?

I do not know what the artist is. It is hard for me to consider myself an artist. I do what I can do. I can’t also define if nobody is artist or everyone is artist.
Anyway, if I won’t do what I do, I believe that I would do a manual work like a craftman, or perhaps would open a café’ where people eat and drink.

10 If you have any comments to Japanese audience!

I love you deeply. I love your culture, your land, the smells, your elegance, your soul which has an infant wonder and that at the same time has a great strength.

Simona Costanzo本人も来日し、子供向けワークショップも行われますので

Gallery5610 website /

INTERVIEW:Emily Forgot / illustrator

Atmosphere would like to introduce Emily Forgot who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. yum yum art!” is collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたEmily Forgotさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています
1Please introduce yourself to us.

My name is Emily Forgot, I am a graphic artist working and living in
私の名前はEmily Forgot (エミリー・フォゴット)です。ロンドンでグラフィックアーティストとして働いています。
2 Please tell us about your latest activities.

I have been busy working commercially for clients both in London and further a field in Canada & Germany. I recently collaborated on a window display for the phone company Vertu in Harrods & I have also taken part in an exhibition called ‘Ghosts of gone birds’, a show with lots of interesting
practitioners involved that aims to heighten the plight of extinct birds.
ロンドン、そしてカナダ、ドイツのクライアントとコマーシャルワークをしています。最近では、電話会社のVertuのためにハロッズ・デパートのショーウィンドーの仕事をしました。また、 絶滅危機にある鳥たちを救おうと頑張っている人々とGhosts of gone birdsというタイトルのエキシビションに参加しました。
I like to keep a balance between commissioned work and personal work so I have also been working on new prints for my shop too,コミッション・ワークと個人の作品のバランスが大事なので、自分のショップであるのためのプリント製作もしていました。
Walrus Chief
3 When / Why did you start your creative activities?

After I finished a degree in graphic arts at university I travelled a little round Europe and settled in london 7 years ago where I starting making images and graphics for clients.
4 Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making
your artwork

Curiosity, a clear mind and enthusiasm.
Magazine Cover Work: CR Photo
5 What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?

I love to go to fleas markets and junk shops, I do have a love for vintage items and the past seems to filter into my work in all sorts of ways..i think i may have been born in the wrong era!
Series of Plates
6 What is fashion for you?

comfort & style
7 How does your life in LONDON effect in your art making
influences you as an Artists?

Well i work in london, but i do think living here in the thick of all the creativity inspires me, there are so many wonderful people making things and sharing them it would be difficult for it not to influence you.
8 Do you have any plans you would like to do in next decade?

I would like to work on more window displays and environmental graphics, I like the idea of changing spaces and working on more 3 dimensional forms, I would like to explore working on an Emily Forgot product line too, incorporating perhaps some pattern and textile design as well as more
ceramics onto my shop.
ショーウィンドーのディスプレイの仕事と、空間のグラフィックももっとやりたいです。空間を変幻させ、3Dでクリエイトできるのが良いですね。それから、Emily Forgot ラインももっと充実させたいです。パッターンやテキスタイル、陶芸なども入れていきたいと思っています。
Selfridges Parade
9 What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

probably my boyfriend’s dad dancing in a cape!
10 Please tell us if you have got favorite places to go in your vacation.

I don’t think I have found my favourite yet!..I like the sunshine and the sea but i also like cities so places like Barcelona and Marseille are Both high up on the list.
1番の場所はまだ見つけてません…! でも、太陽と海が大好きなので、バルセロナやマルセイユは常に上位。
11 Please let us know 5 fashion brand who you admire recently.

I love the simplicity and quality of the clothes in
I also like swedish brand Acne,スウェーデンの Acne ( )
French brand Sandro, Zara is great on price and on trend classic pieces and Monki has some lovely things to. I love scandanavian style at the moment!
フランスのSandroも好き。 Zara はトレンドやクラシックアイテムのプライスが最高だし、 Monki も素敵。 最近は北欧スタイルにハマってます!!
12Please show us your work space!

13 If you have any comments to the audience!

Do what you love and love what you do! : )
大好きなことをやって、やってることを大好きになろう! : )

INTERVIEW:Beci Orpin, illustrator

Atmosphere would like to introduce Beci Orpin who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. “yum yum art!” is a collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたベッキ―・オーピンさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています

1. Please introduce yourself to us.

1. Please introduce yourself to us.
my name is beci orpin and i am in illustrator/designer based in melbourne australia. i live with my husband raph, 2 sons (tyke, 8, ari, 4) and 2 cats (miso and tomatillo)
Beci Orpinといいます。オーストラリアのメルボルン在住のイラストレーター/デザイナーです。現在、夫のラフと2人の息子(タイク8才、アリ4才)と2匹の猫(ミソとトマチロ)と住んでいます。

2. Please tell us about your latest activities.

so many! i just finished a co-lab with australian women’s store sportsgirl ( – i made some gift items for them), and recently completed a small book titled “compendium of me” which will be launched 7th of december through erm books (, and designed wine label for new wine company called “cake wines – this will get launched next week. last weekend i took my kids camping and to see some of the jenolan caves ( we saw lots of kangaroos too. that was most fun of all.
沢山あります!最近ではオーストラリアのショップsportsgirl (とのコラボでギフトものをやりました。それと、 “compendium of me”(自分の概要)というタイトルの小さな本を完成させ、これは12月7日に erm books (より出版されます。あとは、”cake wines – http://cakewines.comという新しいワイナリーのボトルのレーベルのデザインを手掛け、これも来週発売です。この前子供たちとキャンプをして、ジェノラン・ケーブズ (を見にいき、カンガルーも沢山見ました。これが最近では1番楽しかった…!!
Above graphic: for sportsgirl
Design for Water Cooler

3. When / Why did you start your creative activities?

maybe when i was 4? i cant remember exactly, but i always knew i wanted to draw from a very young age. there was nothing else i wanted to do.
4才くらいのときかな? ハッキリとは思い出せないけど、とても幼い頃から絵を描くのが大好きでした。他にはなにも興味がなかったの。
Space and Time

4. Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making your artwork

1. researching and thinking
2. drawing and experimenting in my skecthbook with many different mediums – at the moment i like watercolour, crayons and cutpaper.
3. riding my bike (it makes me think better!)
Graphic work for calender

5. What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?

many things that change all the time, but always nature and my family and friends. i also like things i find in flea markets a lot.

6. We are aware about the fact that you are mother as well as working as a designer.Are you interested in doing work for children related matter?

designing for children is my favourite thing to do! but i have not done much of it so far. i really hope there will be more opportunities in the future – i want to make cool things for my kids!
Paper Mobile Series
Happy Tooth Bag

7. Please tell us about your husband`s activity. Will you show us your taco car & Handburger shop?

yes – of course – please find some pictures attached

Please tell us about the story with your husband?

i met my husband maybe 10 years ago, even before we were married he helped me with my business, then we married and we became business partners. he also did many other things – ran a mens clothing label too and did a photography book called “behind the beat” (his second book will come out next year). 2 years ago he decided he wanted to start a food business so he built a burger truck called “beatbox kitchen”, and then last year he built another truck called “taco truck”. he parks it in our neighborhood and people come and have dinner and lunch. its very popular, so now he is too busy to run my business! but its ok. he is happiest making food. maybe next year he will build some more trucks. i want him to build an ice-cream truck! i do all the graphics for his business’s (of course!)
夫とは10年くらい前に知り合いました。結婚する以前から私のビジネスのお手伝いをしてくれていてましたが、結婚してビジネスパートナーになりました。彼は他にも色々なことをしていて、メンズのアパレルブランドをやったり、Behind the Beatというタイトルで写真集も出しています(2冊目は来年出る予定!)また、2年前にフードビジネスをやりたいということで、”beatbox kitchen” というハンバーガー・トラック(屋台のよう)を始めたのと、去年からタコスを販売する、”taco truck”を始めました。自分たちが住んでいる 地域にトラックを停めて、みんなお昼や夜ご飯を食べにやってきます。大盛況で、私のビジネスのお手伝いをする暇がないみたいけど、大丈夫!彼は料理をしてるときが1番幸せだから。来年は更にトラックを増やすかもしれません。アイスクリーム・トラックがいいな!もちろん彼のビジネスに関するグラフィックは私がやってます。

8. Do you have any plans you would like to do in next decade?

WOW – big question! work on lost more projects with GAS! and make more books and new products. more fun collaborations. more art shows. do lots of travel, especially with my kids. we want to renovate our house too. its a big job, but exciting!
WOW! スゴイ質問!GASともっともっと仕事をすること!それから新しい本とプロダクトをもっと作ること。楽しいコラボレーションをもっとやること。アートショーをもっとやること。それから沢山旅を、特に子供達とすること。あと、家を改装したいと思っています。とても大きなプロジェクトだけど、楽しみ!

9. What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

my youngest son ari makes me laugh many times a day, in fact all of my family do. but especially ari.

10. Please tell us your favorite places to go on your vacation.

tokyo is my favourite place to visit! also langkawi island (malaysia), my mum’s beach house in rye. i like to go to the mountains as well.

11. Please let us know 5 musicians (bands, djs & etc.) who you like recently.

1. the weeknd
2. “mentalo” mix cd by dj dicci cici & roman cafe
3. best coast
4. luther vandross
5. eddy current supression ring

12. Please show us your studio!


13. If you have any comments to the audience!

thanks for reading. hope you enjoy the sweets too!
ISETAN YUM YUMスィーツも楽しんでね!

INTERVIEW: Esther Kim , Illustrator

Atmosphere would like to introduce Esther Kim who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. “yum yum art!” is a collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたエスタ・キムさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています
1Please introduce yourself to us.

Hello, my name is Esther Kim. I’m an illustrator and designer, living in Los Angeles, by way of Tokyo.
2 Please tell us about your latest activities.

I just worked on the cover of Nylon Japan, December issue and I’m currently working on digital art project for Sony Playstation, a photo app for Mr. Chiizu and I started blogging for Girl.houyhnhnm, a Japanese fashion and culture website!
先日NYLONジャパンの12月号の表紙を手掛けばかりなのと、Sony Play StatonのMr.チーズのフォトアプリ、それから日本のファッション&カルチャーサイト、Girl.houyhnhnmでブログ(をスタートしました!
3 When / Why did you start your creative activities?

I started drawing a year before I was going to graduate from college.
I just bought a sketchbook and started drawing and never stopped. I guess it came from a desire to create something and to tell my story.
4 Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making your artwork

I like for my artwork to have a human touch so that you can see the pencil lines and brushstrokes of the paint. I enjoy little imperfections. I also try to draw personal things that come from my daily life. A lot of times friends will notice that I draw my own clothes and accessories or even my own hairstyle in my drawings. For the third thing I try to mix a little bit of Tokyo, K-pop, L.A. whatever I’m into at the time and make my own mix of everything.
Kポップ(Korean Pop)L.Aとその時ハマっているものをなんでもミックスようにしています。
5 What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?

A lot of times I get inspired as I work. You can’t start sweating until you start running, right? No, but really, I get so much inspiration from fashion and art. Culture is a good way to see change in society and I want to document that change. Those shifts in myself and around me are like a visual diary. For instance I’ve been drawing candy-colored hair and stacked sneakers which are trends from the 90‘s that have come back but in a new way. I also love seeing people that have a really unique personal style. They really inspire me.
6 What is fashion for you?

Fashion is excitement. It is an interest in aesthetics, culture and expression. It is also a daily vehicle to express yourself. If I’m tired I wear something loose and comfortable. If I wear something I bought in Japan it tells a story of where I used to live. Whether you like fashion or not it is a daily part of our lives and says something about you.
7 How does your life in Japan and LA effect in your art making influences you as Korean Artists working / living oversea?

Living in Japan during the nineties as a teenager was so influential to me. I never thought that I would become an artist that would work with Japanese companies. It’s amazing to be able to contribute to a culture that I admire so much. The more I work I see the influence of Japan in my work such as the concept of wabi-sabi and finding the beauty in imperfection, Japanese Kawaii culture and just the ideas and standards set by the taste-makers of the 90’s.
As a Korean-American, I’ve also absorbed a lot of American and Korean influence. So even though I lived in Japan and love the culture there is something also very not Japanese about my work. But no matter where I live I find that I always end up living where there are a lot of asians. I’m definitely interested in K-pop and what is going on creatively in Korea. I’ve started to work with some Korean companies which is very exciting for me. It is wonderful to work with all these cultures that are so much a part of me.
仕事をすればするほど、「侘び寂び」など、日本のコンセプトがわたしの作品に影響してきていて、不完全さに美しさを発見したりします。それに、ジャパニーズかわいいカルチャーと90年代のスタイルメーカーたちが作り上げたテイスト全体。コリアン・アメリカンとして、アメリカと韓国のテイストも沢山吸収してきました。私は日本に住んでいたし、日本のカルチャーが大好きだし、凄く影響されたけどたけど、 だけど作品はどこか日本っぽくありません。どこに住んでいてもいつも気がつけば多くのアジア人が集まるところに住んでいます。Kポップにとても感心があるし、韓国でクリエイティブはどうなっているのかもとても気になります。最近は韓国の会社とも仕事を始めたので、とても興奮しています。自分にとって大事なカルチャーの人々と仕事をするのはとても素敵なtことです。
8 Do you have any plans you would like to do in next decade?

Wow, that is a big but great question! I really would like to go back to Asia. I’ve never lived in Korea though I’ve visited often and also would love to go to Shanghai and Hong Kong. In terms of my work I would like to create more and more! Artshows, clothes, accessories!!
I’m open to it all.
9 What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

I find that I laugh at really random things. Like when someone’s voice and facial expression is funny more than a clever joke. When someone says something in a funny voice that I like it is magic trigger for me to laugh!
I was watching a youtube clip of Matsuyama Kenichi recently after watching Norwegian Wood and his sense of humor made me laugh, too.
10 Please tell us if you have got favorite places to go in your vacation.

Well, I don’t really vacation. I just go to visit family and friends~!
Luckily they live in places I love to go to: Tokyo, Seoul, NYC~!
バケーションは行かない…友達や家族に会いに行くだけ~!ラッキーなことに、みん私が大好きなTokyo, ソウル、NYとかに住んでる~!
11 Please let us know 5 fashion brand who you admire recently.

I love the Korean brand, Fleamaddona(Jei, I want some clothes~!). I think it’s really cute! Also Opening Ceremony, G.V.G.V., Givenchy(the cat helmet!!), Sretsis(so dreamy!) and so many more!!!
韓国のブランド、Fleamaddona (Jei, 洋服ちょうだ~い!).が大好き。すっごくカワイイと思います!それにOpening Ceremony, G.V.G.V., Givenchy (ネコのヘルメット!!), Sretsis
12 If you have any comments to the audience!
Thank you so much for taking your time to read all the way down to here! I had so much fun creating sweets for the ISETAN YUM YUM SWEETS project~! Please eat them with tea or coffee while thinking positive thoughts and a big, big thank you to Isetan and Gas.
最後まで読んでくれてありがとうございます!ISETAN YUM YUM
スィーツの仕事はとっても楽しかったです!ぜひ、紅茶かコーヒーと一緒に食べながら、楽しくポジティブなことを思い描きながらお召し上がりください。それからIsetanとGasにbig big thank you.

INTERVIEW: Carolin Loebbert / ARTIST, Illustrator

Atmosphere would like to introduce Carolin Loebbert who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. “yum yum art!” is collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたカロリン・ロバートさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています。
Question 1: Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in 1981 in Haltern in Germany. I grew up on the country side. As a child I loved to draw the horses which trotted on the meadow in front of your house. That’s maybe why I started to study illustration in 2002. In 2008 I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences (Department Design) in Hamburg. In 2005 I passed an exchange semester at the »école supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg« (ESAD). I participated in several international groupexhibitions for example in Tokyo, Kyoto or Berlin. I love to do exhibitions and to get in contact with other people to talk about art, design, drawings etc. At the moment I am working for different magazines, anthologies or agencies. Currently I am working as artist, illustrator and graphic designer in Hamburg.
Caroline`s latest work Porcelin Series
Question 2: When do you get inspiration when you work on projects

Inspiration is a very absconding thing, you can not really summon it I think. Very often I get my inspiration when I am outside, going for a walk for example. Talking to people, listing to music, looking arround in a dusty, gloomy antique shop can summon inspiration too. I like old stuff that allready has got a history, old porcelain with little cracks, or antique frames with crumbling ornament battens. All these old things can evoke memories. Sometimes boredom is the start of inspiration. When you do nothing special, your mind can start auricularly to grub in buried memories and thoughts, to pic out some of them an bring them to the surface.
Question 3: Why did you start to make porcelain series.

Each year in summer we realise a selfpublished magazine called »Spring«. The magazine always got one special subject, this year it was »family silver«. I immediately knew that I wanted to work with porcelain, because this material is connected to family for me. My mother collects porcelain plates with bird motifs. At home in the lobby there is an old wooden cupboard where my mother exposes all these porcelain plates. Porcelain is also connected to our everyday life. We eat from porcelain soup plates, drink from porcelain cups and serve our dinner in porcelain dishes, all these habits are connected with family traditions. That’s quite inspiring I think.
Question 4: How do you think about the influence of technology in your work?

I’ve got the feeling each second there is a new tool for photoshop, you could use. And rapidly new programms are launched on the market. This is quite impressing but of course you always have to measure what’s really reasonable and what’s a gadget.
Question 5: Do you have any episode that you want to tell us regarding to the memory of you in connection with nature?

There are so many experiences with nature I made during my childhood. I do remember that in midsummer, by nightfall, my sister and me we threw acorns or small stones into the nightsky. Like that we attracted the interest of bats, which thought that these litte stones were booties like moth or insects. Sometimes the bats flew directls over our heads, it was so thrilling.
Question 6: What is your Favorite tool to draw?

I’ve got a favourite pencil which I use to draw with. It’s a very simpel pencil made from plastic, which has got a changeable lead. I love to use the 0.7 2B lead. I always use it, to do my sketches. I use this pencil since several years now, I hope it sustains some more years.
0.7 2Bの芯が大好きで、スケッチを描くときにいつも使います。この鉛筆はすでに何年か使っているので、あと何年かもつといいなと思っています。
Question 7: Where is your favorite place in Hamburg?

I like the »Volkspark«. It’s a forest near the place where I live.
Question 8: Who is the artist you admire?

There are lots of recent and acient artists I admire. I like the work of Walton Ford for example, I saw it at the »Hamburger Bahnhof« in Berlin several month ago. I was overwhelmed. It’s such a brilliant mixture of using oldstyle technique composed with modern elements. I couldn’t stop to look at the pirctures, there are so many hidden details in his work, it’s amazing.
古今東西、尊敬しているアーティストは大勢います。例えばウォルトン・フォード(Walton Ford)。ベルリンのハンブルグ・バンホフ(Hamburger Bahnhof)で、何ヶ月か前に見たのですが、古来のテクニックと現代の要素を見事にミックスした素晴らしいスタイルで圧巻でした。隠されたディテールがいくつもあって、絵から目が離せませんでした。
Question 9: What are 5 favorite things you do?

Playing Basketball. Scrolling through books with old, acient drawings of animals, flowers, birds, uniforms, palms, fruits… Eating homemade pancakes. Watching soccer games of the german national football team on TV with my friends or my family, drinking Alsterwasser. Going to the Sauna. ( Sauna can be compared to Onsen in Japan.)
バスケットボールをすること。大昔の動物や花、鳥やヤシの木、フルーツの絵が描かれている本を見る事。自家製パンケーキを食べる事。ドイツのナショナルチームのサッカー・ゲームを家族や友達とアルスターバッサー(Alsterwasser – ビールをレモネードで割った飲料)を飲みながらテレビでみること。サウナに行く事 (ドイツでサウナは日本の温泉のようなものなのです。)
Questions 10: Please show us your working space!

I am sending you some photos of my recent working space. I hired a working space in a big hall together with two artists, an illustrator and two scenographers.

INTERVIEW: Mio Matsumoto / illustrator

Atmosphere would like to introduce Mio Matsumoto who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. yum yum art!” is collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いた松本美緒さんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています
1 Please introduce yourself to us.

Hello, I am Mio matsumoto. An illustrator, studied in London and currently working and living in Tokyo.
“Miss Tea Pot” A set of edition print Illustrations for DMO ARTS (2011 Japan)
DMO ARTS用エディションプリントイラストレーション「Miss Tea Pot」
2 Please tell us about your latest activity.

Work wise, I just completed a set of packaging designs for a series of fragrances. It will come up around Xmas time in Japan so I’m very looking forward to it.
Past Package works:
LifeNK packaging illustrations for SpaceNK (2009~ UK)
Illustration for Magazine:
Illustrations for “Closet thinker” Stella magazine (2006~ UK)
Stella magazine内、コラム「Closet thinker」用挿絵イラスト
Personal wise, just visiting London for a month and visiting my favorite places and new places with friends. The other day, we walked from St.Paul to Tate modern to see Tacita Dean’s film work then walk up to Barbican centre to see OMA’s show. It was chilly day but we had a nice walk!
先週末は友達とセントポールからテイトモダンまで歩いてTacita Deanのフィルムを見て、そこからバービカンセンターまでOMA展示を見に行きました。寒かったけど気持ちよかったです。
“my diary” published by Jonathan Cape (2008 UK)
著書 「my diary」 、英国Jonathan Capeより発売中
An image for Marc by Marc Jacobs (2006-2007 World wide)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Tシャツ用イラストレーション
3 When / Why did you start your illustration. Did the place “LONDON” or education at Royal college of art influenced your art work making?

I don’t know when I started illustration… I was drawing since 3 years old… as a subject to study, I decided to go to a high school which had an art course at the age of 15.
The reason why I started illustration was I just simply I loved drawings, preferred using my hands rather computers.
Study in London, or coming to Europe changed my life completely, of course include my artwork!
Before RCA, I went to Kingston University where I learned lots about illustration and other things which are relate to art and design. It was my frist international environment to study art so it was a challenge and had to pushed myself a lot. It was a hard work but I loved the course very much. And as the result, I built up my drawing style.
RCA is a very special place to meet interesting people rather educational place. People there are so so self motivated and very independent which was so exciting and so inspiring!
Personal drawing for Valentine (2001)
4 Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making your artwork

5 What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?

Lots of things are from my everyday life. When I come to London, my observation mood gets stronger. I love the life here, people here and the mood in the city, so I gets inspirations from such things. And recently I get lots of inspirations from nature such as flowers and plants and also animals.
6 Do you have any plans you would like to do in next decade?

No particular plans… work wise, I am up for anything!!
Personally, I am interested in working on ceramics, products and scarves. Also my own show!
7 What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

My Italian friend was telling me about an (little) argument with her husband, she was saying whatever then at the end, she suddenly said that she would like to become a nun to spend her life quietly, making jams and honey…
Knowing her, it’s just impossible and I laughed that she says such an Italian Joke!
8 Please tell us if you have got favorite places to go in your vacation.

Lake side of Switzerland!!!
But to be honest, if I could go with my great friends, anywhere could be my favorite vacation place :)
9 If you are not artists, what will you do??

Oh…. may be some kind of designer? But I will definitely be related to creative world.
10 If you have any comments to audience!
Hope this is a chance to let people know about me&my drawing!
Hello, I am Mio :)


Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the works and interview of an artist ‘UAMOU‘.

1 / 簡単な自己紹介をお願い致します

代表作は「Uamou From Another Planet – 遠い星からやってきたウアモウ -」。
2010年12月ウアモウのアトリエショップ「STUDIO UAMOU」を
JR御徒町-秋葉原高架下「2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN」にオープン。

1 / Please tell us about yourself.

I am an artist. My major work is a picture book entitled “Uamou From
Another Planet”.
I pursues the possibility of a character centered on art and design,
and express my creativity through picture books, figures and
In December of 2010, I opened “STUDIO UAMOU”, an atelier shop for
UAMOU in Tokyo located at 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN at the JR Okachimachi
- Akihabara station.

2 / いつから制作活動を始めましたか?また、そのキッカケは??


2 / Since when did you start your creative work? Was there a specific reason?

My parents’ are jewelry artisans so I grew up in a creative
environment. Maybe because of that, since I can remember I was
drawing all the time and used to take toys from the garbagm
disassemble them and made objects.
I was drawing motifs of animals and robots and aliens since childhood,
but I began to draw UAMOU when I was around 14.

3 / アーティスト、又はデザイナーとして、どのような媒体で作品を発表してきましたか?


3 / What mediums have you used as an artist and designer to published your work?
What sort of work would you like to publish in the future?

At personal exhibitions, I present oil paintings, drawings and one of
a kind, three-dimensional objects. As for product deployment, I’ve
been mainly creating figures, which I began to mass produce in a
factory in China since my second year in college. In the beginning I
was manufacturing the figures with resin due to the small lots but in
2007 I switched a factory in Japan and started manufacturing genuine
Sofbi (soft toys made of plastic) made in Japan.
In the future, I would like to put out more works that tell stories
behind the characters, through picture books and animations.

4 / 休日はなにをするのが好きですか?


4 / What do you like to do on your day offs?

I don’t really have specific holidays, so it feels like my work and
private time are on the same plain.
I like going to see exhibits, and movies always gives me hints for my work.
Sometimes I get up and go out in the middle of work.

5 / 作品のインスピレーションはどこから得ますか?


5 / What is your source of inspiration?

Things that are close to me -like animals and food. I also get a lot
of inspiration from sounds and motions graphics.

6 / 最近幸せを感じた瞬間は?


6 / When did you feel happy most recently?

Chocolate ice cream. Mont Blanc cake. Gin & tonic.

7 / 大好きな本、オススメの映画は?


7 / What is your favorite book? Recommended movie?

I love Manga. I’ve read works by Takehiko Inoe and Naoki Urasawa over
and over since I was a student. My recent favorite is “Uchu Kyoudai
“(Space brothers)!
As for movies, I love science fiction. I can’t help but the future
metropolis, aliens and robots.
I wonder why…they are soothing to me. 2001 Space Odyssey is my favorite movie.

8 / ワークスペースを見せてください!!!!
8 / Please show us your work space!!!!

Translation by Amy Yamamura.

Interview: to Maya Wild

Atmosphere is really happy to feature the latest exhibition held in San Francisco by Maya Wild who is a London based Artist.
今回、アトモスフィアはロンドンをベースに活躍するアーティストMaya WildのSan Franciscoで行われたエキシビジョンの様子をご紹介します。
The exhibition entitled as “POWER-POWER” is featuring her archive of original drawing works she has been working on.Her drawing is achieving mastery of craft with sensitive touch of pencil drawing and beautiful coloring work.
With her cultural back ground of being in the hottest place in London(Mecca of Culture = EAST LONDON), her works are gaining strong sense of London Street Culture. The style of her work is original and she bring out the subject matter in to beautiful art work.
Question 1:
Please tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Leeds in the north of England and S.W Scotland. I’ve been living in London now for about 10 years and there’s no place I’d rather be. I am female but I only like to wear boys or men’s clothes and shoes.
If I wasn’t an Illustrator I would have liked to have been a professional all night rave dancer.
Photos of Maya Wild by Cat Stevens
Question 2:
When do you get inspiration when you work on projects.
My Power Power exhibition in San Francisco was all about music. I get a lot of ideas for colours, shapes and patterns when hearing beats and melodies. I also find London really visually exiting. I don’t think any other city in the world has such a fun, experimental attitude towards personal style, not just with young people but people of all ages. I recently went to Brazil and that was a big buzz too.
Question 3:
When is your favorite era?
どの時代が一番好き?(50`s, 60`s, 70`s, 80`s)
A lot of people think the 80’s were a really naf and shallow time. But I think it was radically experimental both design wise and musically. I love loads of eighties Hip Hop like Public Enemy, De La Soul, Egyptian Lover
多くの人は、80年代が一番低迷していて浅い時代だと思っている。でも、私はデザインでも音楽の世界においても一番実験的な時代だったんじゃないかと思っている。私は、Public Enemyや De La Soul、Egyptian Loverの音楽が大好き。

and the Beastie Boys… I could go on forever! All the cover artwork and far out, big bold, high top fashion that went with the music was great too. I’m also totally into eighties industrial synthesizer music like the French band Ruth
Beastie Boys…なんて、ずっと聞いてられるわ。この時代のアルバムカバーや、この時代の音楽と共にあった大ぶりで、派手で、斬新なファッションも素晴らしいと思う。あと、この頃に台頭してきたフランスのシンセサイザーを使った音楽家で有名なRuthも素晴らしいわ。

Chris and Cosey and the band Human League.
あとChris and CoseyやHuman Leagueというバンドも好き。

Question 4:
How do you think about the influence of music in your work?
It’s the best vibe for me to do artwork for a band or musician that I’m into and respect. If I can vibe off the sound and attitude of their music then it’s easy to think of ideas and imagery to draw. This applies to all my projects even when they are not music based I can listen to music and get onto a good vibe for a drawing.
Question 5:
Do you have any media that you want to work in the future such as sculpture, fashion or digital media.
Right now I’m wanting to work with ceramics. I’m currently trying to see if I can make a ceramic kitchen set with bowls, plates, cups and tea pots, all with my pattern designs on.
Question 6:
What is your Favorite Music?
I really do like all kinds of music.. old and new. I have a music blog called Lily Fruit. Check it out here
私は、本当に新しいものから古いものまでどんな音楽も好き。音楽ブログのLily Fruitっていうのをやってる位ね。是非、見てみてね!
Question 7:
Where is your favorite spot in LONDON?
My flat is quite high up on the top floor of a building. At the back is a tiny roof space, which I have made into a balcony. I’ve put loads of plants out there and a table and chairs too. It has the best view of gardens, rooftops, trees and a big open sky. In the distance you can see Spitalfields market and a million people running around shopping. It’s really private and quiet. When the sun is shining it makes me feel lucky and happy.
Question 8:
Who is the artist you admire?
Right now I’m mega into Dorothy Hafner 1980′s ceramic pattern design. They are so fresh and clean! I also love Keith Haring and always will because his art was all about having fun and living life to the full, which is totally the vibe I aspire to make for my own work.
今、一番私が好きなのは、Dorothy Hafner(ドロシー・ハフナー)というセラミックのパターンをデザインしているアーティストよ。彼らの作品は、とても斬新で器用なの。あと、キース・ヘリングはずーっと好きだしこれからも好きでいる。なぜなら、彼の作品は常に楽しんでいるというのがにじみ出ているし、人生を謳歌しているように思えるから。そんな生きざまは私が大事にしている感覚だし、私が作品の中で求めている事なの。
Question 9:
What is your 5 favorite things you do?
Photos of Maya Wild by Cat Stevens
Questions 10:
Please show us your working space!
Photos of Maya Wild by Cat Stevens
URL to Maya`s site:
Interviewer: Risa Nakazawa


Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the interview with Japanese artist Hiro Kurata.
今回、Atmosphereではアーティストである’Hiro Kurata’へのインタヴューに焦点をあてます。
1 / 自己紹介をお願い致します。
1 / Who is Hiro Kurata?
I am a 31 year old Japanese male, living and working in New York.
2 / 最近の活動について教えて頂きますか?
新たなグループ、Triune Gods(トライウンゴッズ)のCDジャケットを描かせて頂いたり、
震災にまつわるアート作品を掲載しているサイト、Awake After Quakeの運営などを行っています。
2 / Please tell us about your latest activity?
Currently, I am back in Tokyo for a solo exhibition at the COMMON, which runs from the 22nd of July to the 31st.
I am showing 11 of my new paintings and new prints, so please swing by if you are around.
Other than that, I had an opportunity to do a CD cover for the Triune Gods, which is a Rap Group based in Tokyo and Montreal.
I also started to run a website called Awake After Quake, which is a web based artist showcase site related to the Japan Quake on March 11th.
3 / 大阪、シカゴ、東京、NY、パリ、ベルリン、と様々な都市での生活を体験した中で場所が創作活動に与える影響は感じたことがあるでしょうか?
3 / Through experiences you’ve got in your life in various cities such as Osaka, Chicago, Tokyo, NY, Paris & Berlin,
Have you ever felt particular influences that a place gives to creative activities?

I feel like I am influenced a lot by each and every city and people.
4 / どの都市があたなに一番の影響を与えたでしょうか?
4 / Which city has given you the biggest influence?
Every city has it`s own character, but for me, I would have to say New York has been giving me the biggest influence.
I have lived there since 1999, and still don`t want to move back, yet. New York is definitely an exciting city to live in for an emerging artist.
5 / あなたの描く、野球選手にはチームメイトがいないようにみえますが

5 / It looks that the baseball players you draw have no team mate.
Do they always fight alone?

It’s a difficult question to answer. I have never really thought about the teammates.
I guess my concept of baseball is more about the figure, rather than the actual rules and the game of baseball.
It doesn’t really matter to me if their alone or not.
6 / いま、この瞬間、何色が好きですか?
6 / Now, in this moment, what is your favorite colour?
Blue/ Green
7 / 最近、気に入っているミュージシャンを5組教えて下さい。
Ray Barbee / Do Make Say Think / 2 Pac / Bron-K / Phoenix
7 / Who are your recent top 5 musicians?
Ray Barbee / Do Make Say Think / 2 Pac / Bron-K / Phoenix
8 / この7日間で一番笑った瞬間はなんですか?
8 / What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?
It was in the shower thinking about some funny moments.
9 / 休日の日はなにをするのが好きですか?
9 / What is your favorite things to do in day off?
To do nothing.
10 / 読者にメッセージをお願いします。
10 / If you have got any comment to the audience?
Thanks for reading! Hope you have a good day!