NEWS: Andrew Gilbert / Akiyoshi Mishima EXHIBITION

Atmosphere is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring works by Andrew Gilbert and Akiyoshi Mishima.
The exhibition will be an installation of paintings and mixed media works.

アトモスフィアより、渋谷NANZUKAで行われている、アンドリュー・ギルバート / 三嶋章義による


Sat 31 Aug – Sat 28 Sep, 2013
Shibuya Ibis bldg. #B1F
2-17-3 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Scottish born Andrew Gilbert (b. 1980), for whom this will be the first time exhibiting in Japan, studied Fine Arts at the University of Edinburgh and has since shown his works in numerous exhibitions in Europe in addition to participating in the MeetFactory Residency Program in Prague and delivering the lecture “Vezelay to Ulundi – from the First Crusade to the Anglo Zulu War” at the Camberwell College of Arts in London, as he continues to vigorously pursue his craft. Having shown an interest in the history of war since a young age, Gilbert studied primitivism and ethnic cultures while at the University of Edinburgh. By humorously replicating the tragic histories of past peoples as caricature and allegory in his paintings, he presents them to contemporary society, which to this day has seen no end to wars and revolts. For instance, he exhibited a series of works that satirize the tyranny and brutality of colonization, drawing from the real history of the defeat of the British army by the Zulu ethnic minority in Africa during the colonial era, and focusing on that reversible element. An array of characters, from British soldiers caricatured as birds to fictitious African aristocracy, westernized kimono-clad beauties, and mushroom-headed knights in armor, appear as icons within the paintings that will be on display in the exhibition.

今回日本での展覧会初参加となるスコットランド出身のアンドリュー・ギルバート(b.1980)はエディンバラ大学で美術を専攻した後、欧米を中心に数々の展覧会に出展するほか、プラハのアーティスト・イン・レジデンス「Meet Factory」への参加、ロンドンのキャンバウェル大学でのレクチャー「ヴェズレーからウルンディ〜十字軍初遠征からズールー戦争まで〜」を行うなど、精力的に活動を続けております。幼い頃より戦争史に興味があったというギルバートは、エディンバラ大学在学中に原始主義、民族文化について学び、過去の人類の悲惨な歴史を戯画や寓話としてユーモラスに絵画の中に再現する事で、未だ戦争や反乱が止まない現代社会に提示しています。例えば、過去の作品では、植民地時代にアフリカ少数民族であるズールー族が英国軍に勝利したことがあるという史実からこれらの可逆性に着目し、植民者の横暴や残忍さを風刺したシリーズを発表しています。本展に出展される絵画の中には、鳥を英国軍人に戯画したものや、架空のアフリカ貴族、欧米化した着物美人やキノコ頭の鎧武者など、様々なキャラクターが偶像として登場します。


Akiyoshi Mishima (b.1978) has exhibited works based on the universality of endurance through being subjected to the recurring cycles of glory and catastrophe via solo exhibitions “QUARTER”, in which he explores the transition of status and role across three post-war generations (2006), and “FAMILY”, which re-examines the fundamental linkage amongst mankind (2009). For his solo exhibition “AWAKENING HYPNOSIS”, held at the Galerie Lena Brüning in Germany during the summer of last year, he presented a series of works that, in dealing with the Great East Japan Earthquake, represented mankind’s fundamental energy force to move forward, focusing on the primitive disposition of carrying with one the ambiguity between a former glory that at a certain point in time became but a phantom, and the noble essence remaining in the contrastingly decadent reality. “Indigo Children”, a piece symbolic of his recent work within the series, depicts a gigantic tower, wrapped in a black fog, looming in the center of the image, and although the work bears an ominously tense feeling evocative of the Fall of the Tower of Babel, the title, as quoted from American parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe, suggests instead a deeply held positive belief in the new generation of children to rise above and live through whatever disasters and revolutions may occur in the future. For the upcoming exhibition, Mishima will be showing new pieces in search of a global aesthetic based on traditional Japanese arts in continuation of his series “SHOGON”, which he presented in April of this year at the project space Galarie Nagel Draxier in Germany.

三嶋章義(b.1978)は、これまでに戦後3世代における立場や役割の移行を表した個展「QUARTER」(2006)、人類の根源的な繋がりを見つめ直した「FAMILY」(2009)を通し、栄華とカタストロフィーの反復に晒されても持続する普遍性をテーマとした作品を発表してきました。昨年夏にドイツのギャラリーGalerie Lena Brüningにて開催された個展「AWAKING HYPNOSIS(催眠覚醒)」では、東北大震災に対応して、ある時点をきっかけに幻と化したかつての栄光、それとは反対に退廃的現実の中に残る崇高性、その両義を持つものとしての原始的性質に着目し、人間の前進する根源的なエネルギーを表したシリーズを発表しました。その中でも彼の近作を象徴する作品「Indigo Children」は、画面中央には黒い霧に包まれた巨大な塔がそびえ立ち、バベルの塔崩壊を連想させるような不吉な緊張感を孕みますが、アメリカの超心理学者ナンシー・アン・タッペから引用したタイトルの通り、未来に起こりうる災難、変革を乗り越えて生きていく新しい子供達という前向きな思いが込められています。本展では、今年の4月にドイツのGalerie Nagel Draxler のプロジェクトスペースにて発表したシリーズ「SHOGON」に引き続き、日本の伝統美をベースにグローバルな美学を追求した新作を発表致します。


This exhibition focuses on approaching the fictional ethnic cultures, histories, and mythologies present within both Andrew Gilbert’s and Akiyoshi Mishima’s works despite their completely different cultural language, and aims to pose afresh the questions of the significance of human existence and the possibilities of the future.



Open: 11:00-19:00 *Closed on Sun, Mon and National holiday


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