Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the interview with Japanese artist Hiro Kurata.
今回、Atmosphereではアーティストである’Hiro Kurata’へのインタヴューに焦点をあてます。
1 / 自己紹介をお願い致します。
1 / Who is Hiro Kurata?
I am a 31 year old Japanese male, living and working in New York.
2 / 最近の活動について教えて頂きますか?
新たなグループ、Triune Gods(トライウンゴッズ)のCDジャケットを描かせて頂いたり、
震災にまつわるアート作品を掲載しているサイト、Awake After Quakeの運営などを行っています。
2 / Please tell us about your latest activity?
Currently, I am back in Tokyo for a solo exhibition at the COMMON, which runs from the 22nd of July to the 31st.
I am showing 11 of my new paintings and new prints, so please swing by if you are around.
Other than that, I had an opportunity to do a CD cover for the Triune Gods, which is a Rap Group based in Tokyo and Montreal.
I also started to run a website called Awake After Quake, which is a web based artist showcase site related to the Japan Quake on March 11th.
3 / 大阪、シカゴ、東京、NY、パリ、ベルリン、と様々な都市での生活を体験した中で場所が創作活動に与える影響は感じたことがあるでしょうか?
3 / Through experiences you’ve got in your life in various cities such as Osaka, Chicago, Tokyo, NY, Paris & Berlin,
Have you ever felt particular influences that a place gives to creative activities?

I feel like I am influenced a lot by each and every city and people.
4 / どの都市があたなに一番の影響を与えたでしょうか?
4 / Which city has given you the biggest influence?
Every city has it`s own character, but for me, I would have to say New York has been giving me the biggest influence.
I have lived there since 1999, and still don`t want to move back, yet. New York is definitely an exciting city to live in for an emerging artist.
5 / あなたの描く、野球選手にはチームメイトがいないようにみえますが

5 / It looks that the baseball players you draw have no team mate.
Do they always fight alone?

It’s a difficult question to answer. I have never really thought about the teammates.
I guess my concept of baseball is more about the figure, rather than the actual rules and the game of baseball.
It doesn’t really matter to me if their alone or not.
6 / いま、この瞬間、何色が好きですか?
6 / Now, in this moment, what is your favorite colour?
Blue/ Green
7 / 最近、気に入っているミュージシャンを5組教えて下さい。
Ray Barbee / Do Make Say Think / 2 Pac / Bron-K / Phoenix
7 / Who are your recent top 5 musicians?
Ray Barbee / Do Make Say Think / 2 Pac / Bron-K / Phoenix
8 / この7日間で一番笑った瞬間はなんですか?
8 / What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?
It was in the shower thinking about some funny moments.
9 / 休日の日はなにをするのが好きですか?
9 / What is your favorite things to do in day off?
To do nothing.
10 / 読者にメッセージをお願いします。
10 / If you have got any comment to the audience?
Thanks for reading! Hope you have a good day!