NEWS: Renewal of Beci Orpin`s web site

Atmosphere would like to announce the updated web site of Merlborn based artist Beci Orpin.
Please visit her brand new web site. You will be able to grant at her full of creativity. Enjoy!!
アトモスフィアでは、メルボルンをベースに活躍するアーティストのBeci Orpinのウェブサイトがリニューアルされた事をお知らせ致します。彼女のサイトには、彼女のクリエイティビティーが満載です。お楽しみください。
Her latest work
About Beci Orpin:
Beci Orpin is an artist/designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She is well known for her whimsical, intricate creations and feminine dreamscapes. After graduating from BA textile design at RMIT in 1997, Beci went on to work freelance, designing textiles and graphics for a wide range of clients including Burton Snowboards, Built by Wendy, Mercedes Benz, Bloom Cosmetics, Time Warner, Universal Music and Dark Horse comics. In 2001, Beci started women’s clothing line Princess Tina. Over the past 8 years Princess Tina has grown to somewhat of a cult status, and is sold across the globe in over 70 boutiques. Beci has recently decided to finish Princess Tina, in favour of her kids clothing line Tiny Mammoth (started in 2007). In 2009 she is launched a new accessories/homewares/stationary brand under her own name.
Beci also frequently creates and exhibits artwork in many different mediums. She has been involved in over 35 shows in galleries in Australia, UK, Japan, Spain and US. This includes 5 solo shows – “The Infinite Shape of Rainbows” at Lamington Drive in April 2010, “Outside Over There” at Outre gallery in August 2008, “Menagerie” Keith and Lottie (Perth) March 2008, “In the Shadows” at Monster Children Gallery (Sydney) in June 2007 and “Folklore” at X-Girl (New York) in May 2006.
Beci’s work is influenced by many things that change all the time, but re-occuring themes include nature, childhood memories, wooden toys, found objects, folk and domestic art, darkness and the unexpected.
オーストラリア・メルボルンを拠点に活動するアーティスト・デザイナー。ちょっと変わった複雑な作風とガーリーな妄想で知られている。1997 年にロイヤルメルボルン工科大学・テキスタイルデザイン科を卒業後、フリーランスとしてテキスタイルやグラフィックをデザインし、これまでにBurton Snowboards, Built by Wendy, Bloom Cosmetics, Time Warner, Universal music や Dark Horse comics に作品を提供。2001 年には自身のファッションブランドPrincess Tina を立ち上げ、現在世界60 店舗で取り扱われている。
様々なメディアを用いたアートワークも多数制作し、オーストラリア、UK、日本、スペイン、アメリカで35以上のエキシビションに参加。2006 年5 月、ニューヨークのX-Girl で「Folklore」展を、そして2007 年にはシドニーのMonster Children Gallery で「In the Shadows」展を開催。