NEWS: T-shirts archive of Stefan Marx

Atmosphere would like to show you the grant of T-shirts archive done by Hamburg based artist Stefan Marx. His work has been shown world wide and his tremendous collection shows how popular he is.
Atmosphereでは、ハンブルグを拠点に活躍するアーティストStefan MarxのTシャツコレクションをお見せ致します。このおびただしい程の数のTシャツを見ればどんなにStefan Marxが人気なアーティストかがわかりますよね!!
His web site:
Some of his T-shirts:


Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the work of MIDORI KAWANO.
今回、Atmosphereでは河野 未彩の作品に焦点を当てます。

1 / 河野 未彩とは??簡単な自己紹介をお願い致します
堂本剛/DE DE MOUSE等のアートディレクション、デザインをはじめ、ポップや音楽/時代へのレスポンスとして、グラフィック/プロダクト/映像/写真など様々な分野でイメージを広げる。
2010年5月、初の単独作品集である「河野未彩 デジタル作品集」をiPhoneアプリでリリース。
Born in 1982 in Yokohama, Japan. Graduated from Tama Art University
Product Design program in 2006, and have been working as a freelance
designer since.
Starting from doing the art direction and design for the Japanese top
idol Tsuyoshi Doumoto, DE DE MOUSE and etc., Kawano expands her images
through a wide range of media such as graphic, product, video and
photography as a response to the pop culture, music and the age.
Released her first solo work anthology, “Midori Kawano digital
ARTBOOK” as an iPod application in May 2010.

‘V/N/C/S/P・C’ スタジオボイス 2009年02月号 / INFASパブリケーションズ

2 / いつから制作活動を始めましたか?また、そのキッカケは??
2 / When did you start to make your illustration and graphic?
Senior year in High school.
I was inspired by graphic design and artwork on music albums.

DJ KENSEI / LIVE ON WAX the (S)ound of (S)pace / sleeping bugz 2010

‘BING / Discoteca Mahamid’ SLEEPING BUGZ / A Night for Strangers 2010

3 / アーティスト、又はデザイナーとして、どのような媒体で作品を発表してきましたか?

3 / As an Airtist, What kind of media have you been making your work?
What kind of media do you want to explore with your art practice?

CD/DVD sleeves・music videos・background video for musician’s live
performance・release digital anthology of selected works on iApp.
Column on magazine・illustration・VJ・Lecture on application
technology・Exhibiting own work in gallery or web.
I am thinking about working with photographs and 3-D artist and do the
art direction.
Other than that, I want to create more pictures.


4 / 休日はなにをするのが好きですか?
4 / What are your favorite things to do on your day off?
Going for a drive to the beach or the mountains.  Swimming.  Partying
with friends.

‘WAG IN G’ 2009

5 / 作品のインスピレーションはどこから得ますか?
5 / What kind of things do you get inspiration from?
Music and color.

’8 COLORS of ROUGE’ 2008

‘宇宙柄の女’ Numero TOKYO 2009年4月号 扶桑社

6 / この1週間で一番笑った瞬間は?
6 / What is the most funny moment made you laugh in last 7 days?
Impersonation of Janet Jackson by my friend, that is filled with man power.

‘LIFE_is_WATER’ 2008

7 / 楽器は弾きますか?
7 / Do you play any instruments?

‘santosha’ santosha 2010

‘TIME ・ LOGIC’ 2009

8 / あなたのワークスペースを見せてください!!
8 / Please show us your working space!!


Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the work of OMAR HRAIB.
今回、AtmosphereではOMAR HRAIBの作品に焦点を当てます。

1 / Who is OMAR HRAIB?
Omar Hraib studied illustration at the arts institute in Bournemouth, graduating in 2007. He has since continued to explore his art practice and has exhibited in various group shows in the UK. Some of his clients to date include; Urban outfitters, Ray Ban, Fender Guitars, Warner Music, Transgressive Records and Blood Is The New Black.
1 / OMAR HRAIBとは誰ですか??
OMAR HRAIBはthe arts institute in Bournemouthにてイラストレーションを学び、2007年に卒業しました。それからも彼は、創作活動を探求し続け、イギリスで多くのグループ展に参加しています。
現在、彼のクライアントにはUrban outfitters, Ray Ban, Fender Guitars, Warner Music, Transgressive Records and Blood Is The New Black
2 / When did you start to make your illustration and graphic?
I was always encouraged to paint from a young age by my parents. I loved recreating cartoon characters and I still have an oil painting i did of bugs bunny at about ten years old. I started Skateboarding in my early teens which opened up a whole new culture of graphics and music to me, all of which have been influential on my progression as an artist.
2 / あなたはいつ、イラストレーションやグラフィックデザインの創作を始めましたか?
3 / As an Airtist, What kind of media have you been making your work?
What kind of media do you want to explore with your art practice?
I have always loved drawing, and for a few years that was pretty much all i did. In recent years i have been moving towards working on a much larger scale with a natural progression to paint. I think for the forceable future i see myself pushing to create the largest most colourful work i can. One area i am very keen to explore deeper is sculpture. I think working three dimensionally is a great way for challenging your ideas.
3 / アーティストとして、どのような媒体で作品を制作してきましたか?また、今後はどのような媒体であなたのアートを広げていきたいですか?
4 / Have you ever worked in Japan?
Unfortunately not, but I would love to……although I hope that I would have a better time than Bill Murray did!
4 / 日本で仕事をしたことはありますか?
5 / What are your favorite things to do on your day off?
Go skateboarding, or jam with friends.
5 / 休みの日はなにをするのが好きですか?
6 / What kind of things do you get inspiration from?
Music is a big inspiration to me. I recreate the nostalgia I get from music in my own work. I strive to use the emotions i experience through music and people as vehicle for my ideas.
6 / インスピレーションはどこから得ますか?
7 / What is the most funny moment made you laugh in last 7 days?
The amazing noises that come out of my housemate.
7 / この7日間で一番笑った瞬間はなんですか?
8 / Do you play any instruments?
Drums and I also DJ to pay the rent.
8 / なにか楽器は弾きますか?
9 / Please show us your working space!
Maybe next time….
9 / あたなのワークスペースを見せて下さい!


Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the work of STEVIE GEE.
今回、AtmosphereではSTEVIE GEEの作品に焦点を当てます。

1 / Who is STEVIE GEE?
These are the facts: I am 30 years old, I’m married with two children. I live in North London, I support Tottenham Hotspur football club, I like to ride bikes and have recently started surfing. My work includes illustration, design and art direction. I am part of the DEAD CLAMS crew. My CLAM name is CHARGER. I am represented by STEM agency ( here in London.
1 / STEVIE GEEとは誰?
これが事実 : 僕は30歳。結婚してて、2人の子供がいます。北ロンドンに住んでて、Tottenham Hotspurのサッカーチームをサポートしています。自転車に乗るのが好きで、最近はサーフィンも始めました。僕はイラストレーション、デザイン、アートディレクションの仕事をしています。それに、DEAD CLAMSクルーの一員で、CLAMネームはCHARGERです。ここ、ロンドンではSTEM agency (に代理人をやってもらっています。
2 / When did you start to make your illustration and graphic?
I always did drawing as a kid, I never had video games and we didn’t watch much TV so reading and drawing took up alot of my time at home. As I got older I just continued being interested in drawing, reading comics and watching cartoons. I ended up studying Graphic Design at Central St Martins college of art in London, graduating from there in 2003, specialising in illustration. Ever since then I have gradually gotten more and more work.
2 / あなたはいつ、イラストレーションやグラフィックデザインの創作を始めましたか?
3 / As an Airtist, What kind of media have you been making your work?
Day to day, mainly ink, paint and Adobe photoshop. I like to use fine line pens and brush pen. For design work I often use Adobe illustrator and InDesign.
3 / アーティストとして、どのような媒体で作品を制作してきましたか?
4 / What kind of media do you want to explore with your art practice?
I’m very keen to move into animation and moving image.
4 / 今後はどのような媒体であなたのアート活動を広げていきたいですか?
5 / Have you ever worked in Japan?
Not yet…. but I would definitely love to. Hopefully after this interview the offers to work in Japan will be many :-)
5 / 日本で仕事をしたことはありますか?
6 / What is your favorite things to do in day off?
I like to hang out with my wife and kids. I like to surf and party with the DEAD CLAMS crew. I like to ride my bike alongside friends. I like skating with The Duke. I like going out to see bands and drinking ale with my friends and family.
6 / 休みの日はなにをするのが好きですか?
僕は自分の妻や子供と遊ぶのが好きだよ。DEAD CLAMSクルーとサーフィンとかパーティするのも好きだし。友達と一緒に自転車に乗るのも好き。The Dukeとスケートボードをするのも好き。バンドを観に出かけるのも好きだし、友達や家族とエール・ビールを飲むのも好きだよ。
7 / What kind of things do you get inspiration from?
Reading books, watching films, taking photos, having late night conversations in pubs. Meeting new people and travelling. Being in the sea as the sun goes down is always inspiring as the water goes golden around you.
7 / インスピレーションはどこから得ますか?
8 / Who’s your favorite skater and why ?
Mark Gonzales is one of my favourites. He is a true original, a real innovator and doesn’t seem to care about conforming. Its inspiring. His style is fun to watch. Check out his section on the New York skating documentary Deathbowl to Downtown. He is like a wild wizard of trickery and creativity.
8 / あなたの好きなスケーターは誰ですか?また、なぜですか?
マークゴンザレスは僕のお気に入りの一人だよ。彼は本当にオリジナリティーがあるし、イノベーターで、周りに順応することなんか気にしてないようで、僕に影響してるよ。彼のスタイルは観るのも楽しい。ニューヨークのスケートのドキュメンタリーDeathbowl to Downtownの彼のセクションをチェックしてみてよ。彼はトリックとクリエイティビティのワイルドな魔術師みたいさ。

9 / Please show us your working space!
This is where I work at night and at weekends from home.
9 / あたなのワークスペースを見せて下さい!

REPORT: Exhibition of Ryuta Iida – “verbalizes -because I can’t see you-”

Atmosphere would like to report everyone about the solo-show of Ryuta Iida which is currently shown at Takuro Someya Contemporary Art. Please take a breath and look into his beautiful works with special care to the details and his sensitivity. His commitment towards the craftsmanship is just amazing.
Atmosphereでは、現在Takuro Someya Contemporary Artにて展示中の飯田 竜太の個展のレポートを御報告致します。息を大きく吸って、彼が作り出す繊細で細かな所にも配慮がなされた作品を是非ご覧ください。彼の作品におけるクラフトへの力の入れようは本当に素晴らしいものとなっています。
「verbalizes –出会えないから言葉で–」
Ryuta Iida
“verbalizes -because I can’t see you-”
Nov 6 (Sat) – Dec 4 (Sat), 2010
Venue : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Opening reception : Saturday, 6th November, 6-8PM
“verbalizes -出会えないから、言葉で-”
2010年11月6日(土)〜 2010年12月4日(土)
会場 : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo
オープニングレセプション : 2010年11月6日(土) 6-8PM
Ryuta Iida was born in 1981 in Shizuoka. He is now living and working in Aomori. After graduating from sculptor course at Nihon Univerity College of Art, Iida started to collect old and valuable books. He has been creating his work by curving them.
Iida took grand prize at graphic Hitotsubo competition in 2004. Since then he has been involved in numerous projects aroud the world. His work wich was used for the invite for the collaborative work between Comme des Garson and Ai Weiwei is still fresh in our minds.
飯田氏は、2004年にグラフィック一坪展グランプリを受賞しその後も世界各国で作品を展示してきました。Comme des GarsonとAi WeiweiのDMシリーズの一つに作品が採用されたことは、私たちの記憶に新しい作品の1つです。
Also, the collaborative work as “NERHOL” which is the unit with designer Yoshihisa Tanaka has been catching the collective eye as his another approach in his art activity.
Exhibition contained latest work of his series of works he has been working on called “ornament of book”.
今回の展覧会では、飯田竜太の作品を象徴するシリーズともなっている「ornament of book」の新作も発表されます。
The book might have been in someone`s shelf. The passage of time the book experienced and the time author took to write cross over. Then, Iida crosses different time over it by curving the book to create un-readable sclupture and to put new meaning on it.
iida has been trying to search / achive his work making under the subject of “Creation” and “Distruction”. This subject became his energy and he is continuously serching for the meaning within his art practice by this activity. The number of book he curved is countless. He told us that it might be not the number of books he curved but is the content of book or mening of the book he curves. But then, the meaning of book it self is not so importnat for him either. There are continuous questioning he has through his activity.
Latest work with post card. It is sentimental and delicate piece.
Another new work which are Iida`s new media that he started to curve. It is a text book for the calligraphy.
Past show of Nerhol from below link:



Atmosphere would like to announce the first solo show of Parra which will be held at Common gallery. Having great popularity in the leading London based creative consultancy “Big Active”, he became more and more popular among the world.
ロンドンの主力クリエイティブ・エージェンシーのBIG ACTIVEでも注目株で、今や世界中で人気者となったアーティスト、Parra ( パラ) の日本初エキシビションがCommonにて開催されます!
Bird-humanbeing? Man / Woman? Parra has been creating humorous characters with soft lines and pop / colorful paints. He became famous through his own fashion label Rockwell Clothing especially among young people. Since now, he showed his works in major cities around the world such as London, Paris, NY, LA, Berlin and Milano. His long-awaited show in Tokyo will be soon open and the most wonderful news is that he is visiting Japan while his show is on!
鳥人間?男女?ユーモラスで力の抜けたキャラクターを、やわらかい線とポップな色使いで描き、日本でも自身のファッションレーベルであるRockwell Clothing を通して若者の間で知名度を上げ続けているParra。これまでにロンドン、パリ、NY、LA、ベルリン、ミラノと世界の主要都市でエキシビションを開催してきました。最も喜ばしいニュースとしては、彼が来日し待望の東京エキシビションを開催することです!
The show will beheld in the COMMON gallery which was brand new opened at the cat street in Harajuku. There will be his latest art work he especially made for this show.
原宿キャットストリートにオープンしたばかりのギャラリーCOMMON にて開催される本展では、今回の為にParra が描き下ろした新作が会場を埋め尽くし、エクスクルーシブなアートショーを展開致します。
About Parra
parra by dave marshal – sturm
An underground star in Amsterdam where kids search the streets to tear down his club posters, Parra’s work is treasured by a generation of design fanatics.
Living with his painter/sculptor father, Parra grew up surrounded by colours, oil paint, wood, weird looking pictures & Rubenesque paintings. Almost entirely self taught, his minimal colour palette, beautiful hand-drawn typography & esoteric character creation are reminiscent of screen printed poster designs of the 1960s & 70s.
Parra`s work has been shown not only in museum but also succesfully used for the advertisement campaign for Nike, Ben & Jaerry`s, Volks Wagen, MTV, Heineken.
Parra の作品は美術館のみならず、広告デザイナーとしても成功を収め、Nike、Ben & Jerry’s、フォルクスワーゲン、MTV、コカコーラ、ハイネケンといっ
Parra also co-runs Rockwell, his own skate wear clothing label, has his own hotly tipped electro band called LeLe and regularly exhibits his works around the globe.
展覧会タイトル(Title of the show):AMSTERDAM
   東京都渋谷区神宮前5-11-1 2F (cafe d ining HOME 2F)
会期:2010 年11 月6 日( 土)~11 月14 日( 日)
   11:00 – 19:00
オープニングパーティー : 2010 年11 月6 日( 土) 18 : 00 – 21 : 00
Opening Party!!!