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REPORT: 30th Pathway show @SOCIAL

9月末に渋谷のSocialにて行われた8人の30歳を迎える女性による' 30th pathway ' 展覧会のatmosphere reportをご案内をいたします。

Atmosphere would like to report the show held at Social in Shibuya which features 8 ladies who turn out to be 30 years old in the same year.


会場:SOCIAL http://www.socialtokyo.com/index2.html

' 30th pathway ' exhibition
ADDRESS : 1-22-5 Shibuya Shibuya, Tokyo
Participating artist:Kaoru Ogura, Juri Kato, Akie Tsuzuki,Rina Tokura, Megumi Hasegawa, Momoko Masaki, Mitomo Mizutani, Atsumi Yamaguchi

(Rina Tokura`s work)

Every one gets older once a year.

And people think 10years as a big turning point in their lifes.

今回の"30th pathway(30番目の道)"と題されたグループ展は、今年30歳になる8人の女性アーティストが、ギャラリーという箱をタイムカプセルにみたてた展示です。同じ1979年に生まれ、10代を共に過ごし、30年という長いとも短いともとれる人生の通過点で再び出会った8人の過去、現在、未来のかけらを作品という形で残します。

30th pathway is a group show of 8 ladies who will turn out to be 30 years old, this year. In this show, these artists saw gallery space as a time capsule. Everyone was born in 1979 and spend their teenager together. After all this 30years, which seems like long and also short time, they`ve got together again and showed their work in relation to "the past, the presense, and the future".

(Quote from PRESS RELEASE)

In the society of this time, it is ambiguous to define the 30years old. They thought that the Image of 30 years old which society create is very negative, critical and it is different to how actually they are. These artists looked through this gap between "the image" society projects on to them and how actually hey are. They all decided to take courage to express how they actually are. By doing so, they do not need to be tied up to the 30th pathway in front of them. Also, It is not somekind of feminist slogan. What is important for them is the path these ladies has been walking and also the path they will going to walk in the future. This exhibition represent their reality.




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