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NEWS: Release of 「CALM & PUNK Book #1 ten_do_ten」

Atmosphere is proud to present the release of latest book「CALM & PUNK Book #1 ten_do_ten」


[The Fun of Seeing]


オルタナティブなギャラリースペースとして、数々の展示を行ってきたカームアンドパンクギャラリーが、 オリジナル書籍「CALM & PUNK Book」の発売を決定しました。 第1弾は、ジャパニーズ・ピクセル・デザイナー「点/ten_do_ten」による、ブック・デザイン史上初?、全部「斜め」なピクセル絵本。

Calm and Punk Gallery known as an alternative gallery space to hold many exhibitions since its establishment in 2006, is publishing an original art book series entitled “Calm & Punk Book”.
The first of the series is a never-before-seen, all-slanted pixel picture book by Japanese pixel designer, ten_do_ten.



デザイナーのWEBサイトで発表された10000個を超える日々のデザインの中から、厳選されたグラフィックが「斜め」になって登場です。 子供のための彫刻感のある印刷物として、きっといつまでも有効な、「絵本」というメディアで展開された、 ピクセルスクリーンに基づく、縦横のルールで、制作を続けて来た彼のルールを破る自信作の模様。

Best designs were selected from over10000 designs uploaded daily on the designer’s web site and then slanted for the book. This is an enthusiastic work by the designer who broke the rule of all past works, which have been based on vertical and horizontal rules of the pixel screen. A pixel world is unfolded in this picture book, -a media that is a sculpturesque printed material for children.


「シンプルな表現で、複雑な感情表現」「硬質なフォルムと、ユーモラスな雰囲気」「誰にでもできて、誰にもできない」 「コンテンポラリーな手法で、クラッシックな帰結」「ハイブロウで、とことんスカム」等、相反する要素がデザインとして 結実した今までに見た事のない、目にする楽しみと喜びあふれた「絵本であり、絵の本」です。

With contradictory elements and designs coming to fruit, such as “simple depiction with complicated emotional expression”, “hard form with humorous ambience”, “anyone can do it but no body can”, “contemporary method to return to the classic”, “highbrowe and scum to the bottom”, this is a “picture book and a book of pictures” full of fun and pleasures of seeing.

[Day of Release]
1st Sep 2009

【 Product Information】
Title : CALM & PUNK Book #1 Ten. ten_do_ten
Hard cover : 64 pages
Size : A4 210mm(L)×300mm(W)
Price : 1,800yen+tax
ISBN : 978-4-9904440-1-3

【 Ten ten_do_ten Profile 】
点 ten_do_ten プロフィール



点が点を点々とピクセル・デザインする、ジャパニーズ・ピクセル・デザイナー。 武蔵野美術大学在学中より松本弦人氏に師事。1995年デラウエアに参加。2001年脱退。 2001年、9.11以後、ウェブサイト「ten_do」をスタート。ドメスチークに、セクシーに、クラフティに、クレイジーに、ストイークに、 日々点々デザイン中。携帯電話のインターフェイス・装丁・エディトリアル・CDジャケット・ウェブ等、 国内でのデザイン、コラボレーションワークの他、海外でのクライアントワーク・エキシビジョンにも多数参加。


Japanese pixel designer who connects dots to dots and design pixels. Studied under Gento Matsumoto while attending Musashino Art University in Tokyo. He was a member of Delaware between1995-2001. Started [ten_do] web site in 2001, soon after 9・11. Works with dots as a pixel design originator, with sexy, domestic, crazy-stoic attitude, everyday. Past works include interface for cell phones, book designs, editorial works, CD jacket designs, web designs, domestic design works, collaboration and client works and exhibitions overseas.




Atmosphere INTERVIEW: Jae H. KIM

NYのライターYukiko Oyamaによる特別インタビューをアトモスで発表いたします!
Atmospher`s special interview from NY! (Interviewer: Yukiko Oyama)


- 自己紹介をお願いします。

- Please introduce yourself.
J: My name is Jae H. Kim. I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I majored in Fine Arts in college.

- デザイナーになったきっかけは?

- How did you become a fashion designer?
J: The best way to wear clothing that you like is by making it yourself. So that's what I decided to do. However, although I do design and create garments, I wouldn't call myself a "fashion designer".

Tshirt.jpg model1.jpg

- 自身のブランド「Ugly Original」はいつ始めたのですか?

- When did you start your brand 'Ugly Original'?
J: My first t-shirt collection came out summer 2008. Preparation for the release of the collection took over 2 years.

-「Ugly Original」というブランド名の由来はなんですか?
J:コロンビア大学、プラット・インスティチュートで教える教授であり、私の師であるYahuda Safraに由来します。

ある日彼の建築史の授業の中で、彼がモダニズム期におけるモダンデザインのイメージを作り上げた著名、無名なデザイナー達について講義をしていました。それらデザイ ナー達の中には大衆が受け入れなかったが故に、すでに歴史上から消えてしまった人もいるとのことでした。ですが、彼らこそがモダニズムのスタイルを確立さ せたパイオニアたちであったのです。


「美しい模倣をするのでなく、Ugly Originalでありなさい。」



- What is the name Ugly Original derived from?
J: The name "Ugly Original" is from my mentor Yahuda Safra, a teacher at Columbia University and the Pratt Institute.

One day, in his Architectural History class, he was talking about the big and small designers of the Modernism era who created the image of "modern design". Although some of them have been forgotten because they were not accepted by the mass culture, they were considered the pioneers of establishing the Modernism style.

He added, "The design that you are doing at this school might be considered strange by other people. However, that is a good thing and someday in the future it might become something great. Doing something that pleases the "masses" might be come easy for you and make you feel good because it is what you are used to. However, that is a dead end street. On the other hand, creating something original might at first glance be perceived as silly or ugly, but it also holds great potential for future growth."

"Do ugly original, not beautiful imitation. Keep doing what you believe in."

Thank you, Mr. Safra.


- ブランドのコンセプトは何ですか?

-What is the concept for the brand?
J: To discover beauty in the people who create things of Originality and Craftmanship.

- 現在アメリカ、ニューヨークに住んでらっしゃいますが、韓国からニューヨークに来たきっかけはなんだったのですか?

- You are currently live in New York, USA. What made you come NYC from South Korea.
J: For its diversity, open-mindedness and freedom of expression.


- コレクションを拝見すると、エスニックや多様な色使いのパターンがよく用いられています。モノ作りをする上で、どんなモノ、人、またファッション・デザイナーから影響を受けますか?

- Looking at your collection, you often use ethnic and multicolor distinctive patterned for garments.How did you get the inspirations and what sort of things/people or fashion designers inspires you the most for your creation.
J: - Fashion designer Koos van den Akker. I'm especially influences by his work in the 80's.
- ordinary people walking down the street
- the hardware store
- flea markets


- オーバーサイズでドレープ感のあるTシャツをデザインをされていています。そのサイズ感、たるみ感、そしてグラフィックは独特で洗練されたものですが(制作する上で)特にサイズ感にはこだわっていますか?

- You’ve designed oversized drapey graphic T-shirts. The size/draping and the graphics are really unique and make a look cool. You highly care about the sizing?
J: I like small girls wearing large men's shirts. Thats how it all got started.

J:マルク・シャガール&Ugly Originalのスペシャル・エディションのTシャツ作り。

- What projects are you working on now and what is your plan for future?
J:- I'm designing a Marc Chagall + Ugly Original special edition T-shirt.
- A collaboration with British graffiti artist/graphic designer Christopher Holloran.

URL: http://www.uglyoriginal.com/



EVENT: FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION OF SHOHEI TAKASAKI "splithead"― en one tokyo presents

BOOWY、DJ BAKUなど数々のアーティストのアート・ディレクションを手掛けてきたSHOHEI TAKASAKI初の展覧会"splithead"がen one tokyo主催で開催されます。Atmosphereでは、展覧会の告知とともに彼の作家活動に注目していきたいと考えています。

Atmosphere would like to feature and focuse on the Japanese Artist SHOHEI TAKASAKI`s first solo-show presented by en one tokyo in September. SHOHEI has been working on numerous projects for musician such as BOOWY and DJ BAKU.


ABOUT splithead

 "splithead"と題された本展では、ペインターとして自身のアートワークを発表するSHOHEI TAKASAKIと、アートディレクター/デザイナーとして音楽パッケージを中心にデザインを制作してきたSHOHEI TAKASAKIの2対の表現を、彼のこれまでの代表作品を中心に、デザインワークの原画も含め一挙に展示される模様。また本展の為に描き下ろした新作を含むSHOHEI TAKASAKI初の展覧会です。

In the exhibition named as "splithead", SHOHEI will show two types of work he did in the past. One is art work as an artist and the other is the work he did as an art director / deisgner through the package design work for music. In this exhibition, he is focusing on these two different aspects he has in his art practice and will show all of his original works as well as his master piece. Also, there will be his latest work which he is working on lately and this is first solo show for him.

Promotion movie of “splithead”

SHOHEI TAKASAKIの作品の特徴は、様々な表情を持った個性的なキャラクター。かれらを描く力強いライン、そしてかれらを活かす大胆な色使いは他に比類ありません。

The characteristic point about his work is the unique character which often appears in his work. There is no other work like his which contains strong line and the adventurous way of using the colors to espress these characters.



The character which appears in his work came out from his (our) daily life. The big ox man with doleful eye and the skeleton bones are representing the death and the approach of the old age. These symbols are paradoxical expression of SHOHEI`s to his identity of "Now, that is everything.". He is using these characters as symbol of self-reproach in order to live on strong.


住所: 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山4 -17-4-1F
会期: 9/12(土) - 9/18(金) 営業時間11:00 - 19:00
TEL : 03-6459-2251
問い合わせ:en one tokyo Tel : 03-5431-1683 西本 / 新井

・opening reception
9/12(土) 19:00 - 22:00

・talk show
「SHOHEI TAKASAKI x 針谷建二郎(ANSWR.INC) x 西本将悠希(en one tokyo)」
9/18(金) *時間未定 (入場料無料)

・closing party
9/18(金) 19:00 - 22:00


西本将悠希 (en one tokyo, Director)

私は、彼の作品に音楽パッケージを通じて初めて出会いました。その才能に惚れ本人と出会い、気持ちの交換をしたとき、私の中で、彼の描く線はより力強く、赤は燃え上がり、黒はより深く輝きを放ちました。「splithead」会場に是非足をお運び頂き、この機会にSHOHEI TAKASAKIの魅力を存分に味わってください。

I met his work when I saw the music package. I fall in love his talent and went to meet him. When I exchange the feeling, the line he drew became stronger, the color of red got fired up, and the black blazed out deeply, inside me. I would like everyone to visit and see the "splithead" to enjoy his works.

西野愼二郎 (Calm & Punk Gallery / Gas As I/F Co., Ltd, Director)

是非 視てもらいたい「線」です。もちろん色も形も面白い。でも、すごく潔く描かれている「線」の響き合いに引きつけられるのです。肖像画の襟と牛の輪郭は、自由奔放に迷いなく描かれている。完全に手癖なのだろう。『なんで?』 襟と牛が手癖なの?これから彼が、自身の内面から見つけ出す題材を手癖にしていくのが凄く楽しみなのです。私は、多分、愛おしいもの素直に愛おしいと言える彼と、彼の中のミノタウロスが、凄く怖い。

I would like everyone to see this "LINE". Of course, the color and the shape is also interesting. But I am intrigued with the "LINE" which is effecting to each other. The face line of the big ox and the collar in the portrait which is drawn uninhibitedly without any hesitation. It is probably his hand mannerism. I wonder "WHY?" Why collar and the big ox? I am looking forward to see what kind of subject matter will come out next in his art practice, from his insight. I am scared of his honesty of saying what he truely love and the Minotauros inside him.

坂口真生 (H.P.FRANCE, Director)


People look for fume and wondering around the street in the same era or same place while same fume smells. People will feel glad to meet with him on the street when you turn around. He is one of the artists that I feld so.

針谷建二郎 (ANSWR.INC / PUBLIC/IMAGE.LABEL, Art Director)


He is the artists who I met long time ago. From the early stage of his art career, he was already making a distinctive visual expression. his miracle graphic reality is only able to gain from the sympathy to music. I am very impressed with SHOHEI`s flourishing activity. Finally, the epoch is cathing up with you!


ショウヘイ、いつも有難う また飲もうね。

SHOHEI, Thank you always. Let`s go for a drink again.

愛樹 (TURTLE ISLAND / microAction)


He is one of the genius that I know of. Picture with the bloodyness and rawness. I want to have a element of this in my song.

奥村 大 (wash?)

ざまあみろって思う 誰に対してかもなんでなのかもわからないけど ざまあみろって思う
こいつの作品に触れた俺はいつもそんな混乱 それがすごく快感なんだよね

I think "Look at yourself". I don`t know why and to who I think so. But I think "Look at yourself". when I see his work, I always get confused like this when I touched his work. But that is pleasure, some how.


ショウヘイ タカサキ について:

埼玉県出身東京都在住。アート・ディレクター / ペインター。SHOHEI TAKASAKIというネームで、これまでに数多くの音楽パッケージを中心にディレクションを担当してきた。
自身のパーソナルな作品、そしてデザインの世界における強力な作品を日本から発信する。WASHIO TOMOYUKIとのユニット"DARK FUNK SPOT"としても活動。

SHOHEI TAKASAKI is from Saitama. He lives and works in Tokyo as an art director and painter. He has done numerous project under the name of SHOHEI TAKASAKI. He mainly worked as a director of music package work. He is releasing his characteristic personal work and the strong design wrok from Japan to the world. He is also actively working as "DARK FUNK SPOT" with WASHIO TOMOYUKI as an duo unit.


過去のSHOHEI TAKASAKI のAtmoshere記事:
The Past article about Shouhei on Atmosphere





Four canvases made for the Ace Hotel in New York City by Brooklyn-based artist Chris Rubino in April, 2009. You can see the process of Chris painting on the huge Canvases. Enjoy!

NYのブルックリンを中心に活動するChris Rubinoが、NYにあるAceホテルの為に四つの絵を提供しました。絵はどれもキャンバス地に描かれており、映像ではそのプロセスが見れます。お楽しみください!  

Ace Hotel x Chris Rubino from Jim Helton on Vimeo.

Photography by Davi Russo
Music by Big Blood
Apparel by Amoskeag XX
M.V.P.A Sante Ferrante
Additional Photography by Sean Donnelly
Sound Mix by Dan Flosdorf
Color by Tim Ziegler
Directed by Jim Helton

Video shot on Sony EX-1 and Nikon D90

Special Thanks to Liz Mason, Derek Cianfrance, and Louis Caldarola


EVENT: WARP 20th anniversary BOX SET

Atmospher blog is happy to announce the release of Warp 20 (box set) to commemorate its 20th anniversary celebrations. It is a deluxe special-edition of music and art.



Titled Warp20 (Box Set), the package features new songs, covers and re-edits, older previously unreleased material from Warp artists, tracks selected as some of his personal favorites by co-founder Steve Beckett and the top ten pieces voted for by Warp fans (twenty thousand personal stories and messages about Warp songs were left by the public, the best of which will appear in the artwork). It also includes a beautifully produced book showcasing the label’s rich design history, along with an exclusive hour-long mix and a locked-groove vinyl set.

名前は、Warp20と名付けられており、新曲、カバー曲、以前にWarpのアーティストが手がけた未発表のサンプル、共同創設者であるSteve Beckettのフェイバリットソング、Warpファン(一般の人々から集められた2000通の個人的な思い出やメッセージのうちベストのものがアートワークに反映されます)の投票によって選ばれた曲トップ10などを含みます。また、このボックスセットには今までにWarpが手掛けた歴史あるlabelデザインがかなりつまっており、それを紹介する豪華な装丁の本、未収録のミックス版、Locked-Grooveのvinylセットも付いています。Warp好きにはたまらない一作となっています。


Warp20 (Box Set) has been art directed and designed by YES, the photography is by British photographer Dan Holdsworth.
YES: http://www.yesstudio.co.uk/

ボックスセット、Warp20はYESによって監修、デザインされ、写真は英国のフォトグラファー、Dan Holdsworthによって撮影されています。

The photography of the ever evolving mobius strip is taken in and around Sheffield, the birthplace of the label, and London, the labels current home.





YES is a London based commercial art studio founded in 2004. Our methodology is ideas led, and informed by the individual characteristics of each commission. A distinctive approach to typography and image making has earned the studio a reputation for engaging, well-crafted work. The studio’s diverse output includes projects for publishing, music, art, fashion and broadcasting clients. These projects include the design and art direction of books, record sleeves, identity and branding, printed matter, websites and title sequences. Non-commissioned work by YES includes an ongoing series of editions, available through http://www.yesstudio.co.uk/



YES is headed by Simon Earith. Prior to founding YES he was a creative director of design consultancy Blue Source. His projects frequently feature in international design publications, accolades include a GRAMMY nomination for the album campaign art direction for the band Dirty Vegas, and a BAFTA for TV title sequence and graphics for Channel 4 show Banzai.

YESはSimon Earithをリーダーに活動しています。YESを設立する前はデザインコンサルタント会社Blue Sourceでクリエイティブディレクターを務めていました。彼のプロジェクトは度々国際的なデザインの発表の場ーDirty Vegasのアルバムキャンペーンのアートディレクションのグラミー賞ノミネート、チャンネル4の番組Banzaiの為のタイトルシーケンスの英国アカデミー賞受賞などーにフィーチャーされています。

James Musgrave joined YES in 2008 after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Prior to joining YES he won the commission for the art direction of Louis Vuitton’s Christmas windows in 5th Avenue, NYC; Canton Street, Hong Kong and Omotesando, Tokyo. The project was profiled in British Vogue and won a Wallpaper* design award in 2007.

James Musgrave はCentral Saint Martinsを卒業後2008年よりYESに参加。彼はYESで活動する以前にNYの5th Avenue、香港のCanton Street、表参道で行われるルイ・ヴィトンのクリスマスウィンドウの


Daniel Mason is a writer and specialist in printing and packaging techniques. As the company Something Else he continues to consult, source and produce innovative projects for the world’s leading graphic designers and design groups facilitating creativity with material & process.

Daniel Masonはライターであると共に印刷とパッケージングテクニックのスペシャリストでもあります。ロンドンをベースに活動するカンパニー"Something Else"の顧問として彼は世界を代表する創造力豊かなグラフィックデザイナーやデザイングループに対し革新的なプロジェクトを提供し続けています。

Past and present clients include Levi’s Damian Hirst, Nike, adidas, Bathing Ape, Boots No.7, Unilever, Diageo, Virgin Records, Warner Music, Top Shop and Microsoft to name a few. The list of design companies is endless. The work has encompassed consultancy on projects, sourcing along with print management and production

過去、そして現在のクライアントはごく一部を挙げるだけでも、リーバイスDamian Hirst、Nike、Adidas、Bathing Ape、Boots、No.7、Unilever、Diageo、Virgin Records、Warner Music、Top Shop、マイクロソフト社などなど、数えきれないほどのリストがあります。プロジェクトは印刷マネージメントとプロダクションを原点にしながらコンサルタントも兼ねて進められます。

Please note that the work of Something Else has also been exhibited in Japan. In 2008 he was nominated for Designs of the Year for Monograph, a booklet that appeared in Creative Review.

Something Elseの作品は日本でも展示が行われています。2008年に彼はモノグラフのデザインオブザイヤーにノミネートされ、マガジンCreative Reviewにてブックレットが扱われています。

He is a regular contributor to +81, Atmosphere and Creative Review magazines along with writing and editing the book Experimental Packaging. He has also written books about the design groups Big Active, Blue Source, Tomato, Tom Hingston, image makers Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones and the illustrator Julie Verhoeven as part of the Japanese published Gas Book series. He also researched the book Designed by Peter Saville along with assisting in the curation of the Peter Saville Show, a retrospective exhibition of his work, originally held at the Design Museum in London.

彼はExperimental packagingという本のライティングや編集を手がける傍ら、+81、Atmosphere、マガジンCreative Reviewにてコントリビューターも務めています。また、デザイングループのBig Active、Blue Source, Tomato, Tom Hingston, 画像作家のWarren du PreezとNick Thornton-Jones、Gas Bookのシリーズの一環としてイラストレーターのJulie Verhoevenなどに関して本を書いています。また、ロンドンのデザインミュージアムで開催されたPeter Savilleの回顧展のキュレーションのアシスタント並びにそれと平行して手がけたPeter Savilleによってデザインされた本のリサーチも行いました。

He has a large archive of printed processes, materials of packaging along with a broad and thorough database of suppliers and manufacturers both here and abroad. His new book, Materials Process Print has recently been published by Laurence King.


Something Else is based in London
Something Eleseはロンドンをベースに活動しています。


Warp20 (Box Set) comes beautifully packaged in a 10 inch square slipcase wrapped in charcoal Buckram embossed paper with tipped-on gloss-laminated cover photograph. It includes:


Warp20 (1989-2009) The Complete Catalogue: 192 page Book
・Warp20 (1989-2009)カタログ完全版:192ページ

10” square, 192 page full-colour, perfect-bound book. The complete-ist’s dream – a catalogue of artwork of every Warp release from it’s inception in 1989 to August 2009. Includes artwork from over 400 sleeves including work by the Designers Republic, Julian House, Build, Universal Everything and Kim Hiorthøy amongst others. Forward by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. Black un-coated board cover with debossed and foiled typography.

完全主義者にとって夢のような、1989年設立当時から2009年8月までにWarpがリリースしたすべてのアートワークのカタログ。Designers Republic、Julian House、build、Universal Everything and Kim などによる400を超えるオビのアートワークも含まれている。黒いデボス加工、箔貼り文字の表紙。

Warp20 (Chosen): Double CD album
・Warp20 (Chosen): 2枚組CDアルバム

The definitive best of Warp on 2 x CDs. Ten songs chosen by you (Warp20.net), ten songs chosen by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. Presented in deluxe case-bound 10” folder exclusively packaged for this box set. Your personal messages and memories from Warp20.net featured on pullout poster.

Warpのベスト盤CD2枚組。Warpファン(Warp.net)によって選ばれたベスト10曲とWarpの共同設立者Steve Beckettが選んだ10曲が組み込まれている。10インチサイズの特殊ケース入り。ファンのメッセージがプルアウトポスターに掲載されている。

Warp20 (Recreated): Double CD album
・Warp20 (Recreated): 2枚組CDアルバム

2 x CDs featuring twenty brand new cover versions of Warp songs by Warp artists past and present; including tracks by Autechre, Harmonic 313, Jamie Lidell, Plaid, Clark, Maximo Park, Seefeel, Luke Vibert and more… Presented in deluxe case-bound 10” folder exclusively packaged for this box set.

Autechre, Harmonic 313, Jamie Lidell, Plaid Clark, Meximo Park, Seefeel, Luke Vibert など他多数の過去、現在のWarpのアーティストの20曲のカバー曲集。10インチのケースによる特別盤。

Warp20 (Unheard): Triple 10” Vinyl
・Warp 20 (Unheard): 3枚組10インチレコード

Secret treasures newly rediscovered from the Warp vaults. Unheard and rare tracks by Boards of Canada, Autechre, Broadcast, Elektroids and others cut to 3 x 10” vinyl. Housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed typography. Vinyl exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set).

Warpの倉庫から新たに発見されたBoards of Canada, Autechre, Broadcast, Elektroidsなどの未発表曲、レア曲をカットして3枚組10インチレコードに収めている。デボス加工されたタイポグラフィーを使ったカードとともに。

Warp20 (Elemental): CD album
・Warp20 (Elemental): CDアルバム

Specially-commissioned hour long piece by re-edit master Osymyso, made from sections, samples, and fragments of Warp music from the last 20 years. Exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set) and presented in deluxe case bound 10” folder.


Warp20 (Infinite): Double 10” Vinyl
・Warp20 (Infinite): 2枚組10インチレコード

2 x 10” vinyl cuts of hand-picked locked-groove loops from Warp tracks. Four sides of loops for mixing fun. Exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set) and housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed covers.


The box set is available to preorder now from

It will be in selected stores worldwide from the 28th September.

Warp20 is also being celebrated with events in major cities worldwide.
Warp20 (New York) and Warp20 (Sheffield) will take place in September:
Warp20 (NY)とWarp20 (Sheffield)は9月開催予定。


Warp20 (Tokyo) will take place in November featuring:
Chris Cunningham
Flying Lotus
and many more

18 or older only. ID check required.
Tickets 8500 yen adv.

Tickets (pre-order) at Ticket Pia
Aug 17 (mon) 12:00 Aug 24 (mon) 18:00 *Japan time
8月17日(月)12:00 / 8月24日(月)18:00

Tickets will be onsale from Sep 5 (sat)

for more information


Warp20 (Tokyo)は11月を予定しています。
参加アーティストはBattles, Chris Canningham, !!!, CLARK, Flying Lotus他多数。

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